Wednesday, November 9, 2011


After the wedding and before the Washington reception, Brandon and I just stayed in Idaho and Utah and we just did our honeymoon there.

We ate Olive Garden in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

This is the new BYU-Idaho Center. It can hold all the students who go to BYU-I for their devotionals on Tuesday. It started being built in the Winter Semester 2010 when Brandon and I were there. When we first saw it we were amazed by it, it looks just like the Conference Center in Salt Lake City minus the General Authority seats and the Organ Pipes part. It really is outstanding and huge!!

For those who have been to the Conference Center doesn't it look like it??

Brandon on the balcony part of it.

Me :)

We then went to Montpelier, ID to see his Grandma (mom's mom) and over to Heyburn, ID to see his other Grandma (dad's mom). After that the next day we went down to Salt Lake City and went to Temple square.

The observation deck. The Salt Lake City Temple.

In the visitor center at Temple Square there is a pay phone! CRAZY!

After Temple Square we went to the Greek restaurant Souvlaki's. Brandon never had Greek food and he loved it!

The gyro and fries. YUMMY!

We went over to the State Capital.

Me in front of the capital.

Us in front of the capital.

Then we just hung around, and saw friends, and Jackie (I cleaned her fish tank while I was there ;) ) and then we went up to Washington that Friday.

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