Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, V-Day!

Wow it has been forever since I have blogged. I need to get better at this. So many things have been happening, and I have gotten worse at taking pictures and keeping up to date with everything. So since November, the last time I blogged, I have set up the apartment (pictures on Facebook), Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Also in there is applying to school and getting ready for this Spring term starting March 26th.

Birthday, 13 December, I turned 21!! Yay too bad I don't drink.

Brandon is so amazing! And he loves me so much! So he knows how much I love going to the Temple, so he took the day off, and in the morning we went to the Columbus Temple. That is the only working LDS Temple in Ohio, and it is an hour and half away. I do have to say I miss not having the Temple so close like in Washington, but at least its only one and half an hour away and not 6!

Brandon and I outside of the Columbus Temple

Cupcake! Yummy!

He got me flowers for my b-day :)

For Thanksgiving, Brandon and mine's 1st Thanksgiving together as a married couple, we just stayed in Ohio. We had Thanksgiving with his brother's family and his parents. It was really fun and nice. I made Uncle Bruce's chocolate cheesecake as well as a lemon meringue pie. They came out delicious! Everybody loved it and wanted me to make them one. They are still asking me for it!

Christmas, we again stayed in Ohio and spent it with his parents.

Brandon and I at our apartment in front of our Christmas Tree. :)

Brandon actually has a really good taste! He got me a blue v-neck sweater. (about the same color on my scarf in that picture, but probably a tad darker blue) It looks really good. He was so worried about it, but he did just fine. I'm so lucky to have a guy like him!

For Christmas, we were to bring dessert, so we brought an orange-chocolate-gingerbread cookie cheesecake. (Brandon came up with the idea). The crust is made out of gingerbread cookies. The white in it is orange cheesecake, and the chocolate is of course orange chocolate. It was so tasty!

We made a orange chocolate sauce to go on top of it! It was so yummy!

Uncle Brandon with his niece and nephew, Kathryn and Johnathan

Valentine's Day. Since its on a Tuesday and Brandon works on Tuesday, 3pm-11pm. So we had dinner Monday night at Olive Garden. Then Tuesday we got up and getting everything for his work and he surprised me by leaving, coming home with a dozen red roses with a new vase cuz we didn't have one, a heart pizza, and said he has the day off! We then went to Jungle Jims. For those who don't know what that is, its like an IKEA but all of food! It has every single food possible and its HUGE!! You name it and they got it! We seriously spent 3 hours there and we could have easily spent another day in there! I had a great Valentines Day! Brandon is sooooooo amazing and it was great! I LOVE YOU! Oh and I got him a tie chain that he has been wanting, and he loves it!

So pretty!!!

Now this next part is pics from Jungle Jims. Disclaimer: Jackie if you do not wish to be sick to your stomach, do not look at the pics :) There are things that are gross! Look at your own risk. But make sure to look at the last photo! Don't worry its not gross.

(not sure why it is turned, something to do with the iPhone, but its a Tur-Duc-Hen)

Really Angry Birds gummies?!?!


Pork Kidney

Pork Tongues

Chicken Feet

Pork Snouts

Pork Liver

Beef Tongue

Duck Feet

There was an entire aisle full of hot sauces with funny names, such as this "Hot 'N Horny". There were some crazy other ones too!

I start school at Wright State University on March 26th, for those who care and wanted to know.

New Goal: take more pictures!!! and Blog more!


  1. I just want you to know... thanks for the disclaimer. I read it after I saw the first picture- and believe me, I shouldn't have looked at all of those. GROSS. Then, I got to the pic of candies, and said oh good candy! That's not gross. Um Angry Bird candy, really? And then read your comment about angry bird gummies. HAHA We are so alike. And seriously... that store seems so gross. Did you buy any gross stuff?

    1. Haha! I made the disclaimer just for you! I did say look at your risk ;) That is so funny we were thinking the same thing! We are so alike! The whole store wasn't gross. Just that section with all the nasty things. I just had to take pics of the nasty stuff to put on the blog. But there was yummy stuff too, like candy, cheese, German food, well more like every nation/country on this Earth. (we had a to have a map to get through it! - They give you one as soon as your walk in the door). No we didn't buy any gross stuff, but they had candy from like when we were kids. So I got myself some shockers! Remember those? I haven't seen them forever so I had to get them! Oh and pop rocks!

  2. Thanks for updating your blog! It was nice to see what you have been up to! Speaking of pop rocks, did you know that at Harry Potter Land (or whatever it is called) they have these candies that are called Exploding Bonbons and they are white chocolate with pop rocks inside. You would probably enjoy them. Sounds like you should make a trip to Harry Potter Land :) Miss you!