Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3:56am finished CP Portfolio!!!!

As a senior you need to do a senior project, so I did ballroom dancing! The portfolio is due today morning at 6:45am. I finished it just today (this morning) at 3:56am. Don't exactly think i'll be going to bed tonight.

This is the front of portfolio, isn't it pretty?

First section, the agreement form, its not in there

because I don't get it till I get there to turn in my portfolio.

Second section, Hours log, 79 hours!

Third, Research Paper, 11 pages

Fourth, Annotated Bibliography, that is what took the longest,
I just did it tonight that was the only
thing I had to do, it only took about 3 hours.

Fifth, Thank You letter, with the envelope.
I was able to make the envelope on the computer,
so the addresses are not handwritten :) that is what I call talent.

Sixth, Evidence, Now I didn't take pictures when
I was dancing so I wrote all the steps I learned
and did my interviews in there, hope its enough evidence

Seventh, Presentation Outline, I love having taken
a public speaking class, and that was easy!

This is just how thick it is, not sure how many pages, too many to count.

I ate one and half packages of oreo's to keep me awake.

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  1. lol aren't you dang cute?!?! I just love it. Good job on your project!! Love you!