Monday, May 4, 2009

How many wards are there in the Redmond Washington Stake????

How many wards do you think there are in the Redmond, Washington Stake??????????????

If you are thinking 9 wards, you are wrong... there are 10 wards. As of 7:30pm tonight we got our 10th ward. The list: Redmond 1, Redmond 2, Redmond 3, Sammamish 1, Sammamish 2, Novelty Hill, Carnation, Big Rock, Duvall and Sammamish valley. Yup that is right Big Rock is our new ward. So now Big Rock and Carnation wards will meet at the Carnation building and Novelty Hill with Redmond 2 will now have Duvall in the union hill building. Big Rock is made up of 1/3 of the Carnation ward and half of the Duvall ward. Carnation, Big Rock and Duvall now have about 320 members in their wards. The bishop of the Big Rock Ward is Bishop Richey, you know Sister Richey from YW well her husband.

Well when I get an electrical copy of the new boundries, I will post it.


  1. BIG ROCK? That's dumb.

  2. lol, its the street where the boundries are between duvall and big rock. the road is called Big Rock drive, i think it is drive.

  3. sorry it is called big rock road