Friday, May 29, 2009

NEW YORK!!! DAY 1 - Airport and the Hotel :)

On the Memorial Day weekend, my Redmond High School orchestra went to New York to go and Play at Carnegie Hall. I took so many pictures and I have so much to say that I didn't know exactly how to put it here. So I decided to do it day by day. So the first day, we met at the high school aroun 8am and our plane took off at noonish. it was a 5 hour flight, but if you include the time difference it is a 8 hour flight :) here is the plane ride, we kinda got bored. I was doing my math homework, but that got boring after awhile so I tried to do my other homework, but homework was boring so instead we had fun with the camera.

So pretty much the whole plane ride I just listen to my Zune. Oh and those beads that we are wearing are the Green and Gold beads, we had to wear them in the airport so we knew we all belonged together and we wouldn't get lost. This is me and my friend Rama, i don't know what exacatly she is doing in this picture, but we did go a little crazy.

You could see the Statue of Liberty, we flew sorta next to it.

We landed in the Newark, NJ airport and it took forever for the entire group to get off the plane and outside from the airport. So we are just waiting for our bus to come to take us to the hyatt hotel which is right next to Grand Central Station.

This is Sami. We are very tired, and so she was trying to smile but sleep at the same time.

So we finally got to the airport, and oh my goodness, the hotel was AMAZING and HUGE!!! there was a waterfall and trees in the Lobby as you walk in, and oh get this, there was a floor that was ballroom, and there were 4 or 5 ballroom rooms. it was soooooo cool!!!

me in front of waterfall.

me again :)

so this was cool, if you are sitting on the ledge of the waterfall, and look up there were mirrors and it looked really cool so i took a picture of me in the mirror on the celing. Yes I'm weird, only because i was really tired!

this was our room, in it was my friend Sami, Erin, and Libby. Sami and I slept together :) But our room was small. This is Libby in the middle of the room.

he bathroom. you get into the shower and it was small. It was a little bathroom.

But it did have a great view. We were on the 19th floor.


  1. Okay keep blogging....come on...

  2. I'm glad my camera came in handy but where are all the photograps? I just see pictures and snapshots ;)