Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2: Broadway show, part 2

I know, that I am getting these pictures up kinda late, but I have been really busy. So here is Day 2 part 2. We went to a broadway show around 7ish. We saw Phantom of the Opera. It was amazing!!!

Erin and I just waiting for all the others to come to the lobby. We are absoultly tired cuz earlier to that we have walked every where. So it is time to crash!

Since we are seeing Phantom of the Opera, I got really bored, and started to sing. Yes I was singing the guy's part cuz Stephanie normally sings the girls part. It seemed that everyone loved it. I love being the oldest there cuz then I can make a fool of myself:) Oh and Melissa, Christine, Erin, Libby and Rama were there and they loved it!

Thats me:)

Phantom and Christine.

Yes i know kinda blurring, but this is what the stage was like before started, that is the beginning where they sell all the items in the opera house.

I got a rose and a book, so I started tango in my seat :) kinda difficult if you ask me.

During intermission, this is the stage.

The chandelier.

The phantom was on this, but since i can't pictures during the show, i did during the intermission.

This is the whole group that went to the show, about half of everyone. Sorry for the blurriness.

So while we were taking the picture up above, these military people came and help cuz we had like 15 cameras wanting a picture of this, so they helped. the girl is one of the mom's that was taking the pictures. She attracted the military hott men! :)

Phantom of the Opera sign.

We saw it at the Majestic theatre.

While walking back, I saw this picture and I just started laughing, it was so hairlious i needed a picture of it.

Times square....

More times square and this is at... what time....

ALMOST 11 that is just insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is truly the city that never sleeps.

Empiror state building.

Taxi's and Taxis everyewhere!

This city is nasty, so at the end of the day so at night, you walk and they just throw their garbage bags on the streets and in the morning the garbage people come and pick it up. Didn't they hear of a garbage can?!?!?
Well that is day 2. Hopefully I'll have day 3 up sooner than i did for day 2. :)

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