Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 2: Part 1

Day 2 Part 1. So we took the sub way everywhere! So we started off going to Grand Central Station and getting food and taking the subway.

Grand Central
This Clock reminded me of the movie Madagscar.

departures, grand central station just reminded me the entire movie of Madagscar.

This is on the celeing. it is sooo cool

Cello's rock! well viola are way better! But while walking on a street we saw this cafe, it was pretty sweet since we were in New York because of Carnegie Hall.

Times Square


A really cool golden hand.

I thought this was disgusting!!!! And right about this was a flag!!! McDonalds is crazy in New York.

A pizza place. This is a philly chesse steak pizza, grapefruit izze and chocolat cheesecake. Its an amazing lunch.


Subway at Grand Central

Sami and I with our Metro Cards! We are going on a subway.

Me, Sami and Kiera! On the subway.

Its the pole!!! (on subway) Left to right, sami, mrs.herron (rachel's mom), liz, rachel, and erin pokin at top on right.

Parking cars! Its for real!

We went down to Ground Zero, as you are walking to the area there is a wall and it had this on it. someone painted it.

This is ground zero. A big hole.


Me looking at the hole, Ground Zero.

BIG TALL BUILDINGS!!! everywhere in NY

Starbucks! Me and Sami

Me and Rachel

Subway sation, wow you can read. :)

Rachel and I at Subway sation. On our way to Brooklyn.

This was on the celing in the subway sation. It looked cool

Brooklyn Bridge stop ( we go to the brooklyn bridge and walk on it either on saturday or sunday.)

This lady, while we were walking back to the hotel, she was in front of us, she has some amazing hair!!!! she is so MINE!

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