Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Day 3

WOW!!! I have been lazy! Well hopefully i will get the next couple days done of new york. Day 3, we went to wall st, and i have to say it is boring! nothing to see there except the building of the stock market. But we did get breakfast at this bagel place and also at starbucks. then to brooklyn brdige, and to little italy and china town.

There was a group of little kids and they were so cute. But that is George Washington.


Really cool chandelier.

This was mainly for Stephanie, I thought of Steph cuz it said ballroom on it.

Tall Buildings.

YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY Bagels. This is where we went for breakfast on wall st.

Sami and I eating bagels.

Starbucks now, and that is water.

Kiera drinking her coffee. she needs it!

LOL!!!! So in NY everyone is honking and we saw this sign and just started laughing.

Ben Franklin

Brooklyn Bridge

Sami and Kiera

Walk arcoss the Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge

Saten Island

Liz and I on Bridge

Me on Bridge
The whole group, well just our group that went to breakfast and arcoos the brooklyn brdige.

Is it really that hard to reduce 2/10 to 1/5, why not just put the sing a little earlier and say 1/4??? They really know how to write fractions.


They spell Subway, svwbay. So awesome!

Fountain, it was cool

Little Italy

Subway. Kevin with a really good soomthie. I think me, sami, kiera, kevan, kyle and liz all drank out of that :)

That was in the grand central market. It was super cool.

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