Thursday, July 16, 2009


So this past week I went to the Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast with my adopted family the Hanks. It was so much, the week went by way to fast.

Danielle, me and Fishy (Patrick) Danielle and I call him fishy, and apparently I am Dolphy

The cow at Tillamook, the other cow isn't there, sad, but I'm the farmer and Danielle is the Cow. Sweet I get to milk Danielle. lol.

YUMMY YUMMY Ice cream!

The sunset on the beach

matching nail polish! It glows in the dark!

Building a sand castle

I got buried. Just like in the t.v. show friends. its a mermaid, if you can tell. with boobs too! and my and danielle's sand castle in the back.

The best aerobic excersie ever! It was like in the 40's. Megan and I are doing it. Megan is Danielle's cousin.

Fishy, me and Danielle.


Rockaway beach. The Ocean. It taste like salt...duh..


smores, Danielle makes the best marshmellows ever!

Smores in my tummy!

Awesome sand castle! Ours looks horrible compared to this

Yummy ice cream, 4 scoops, mint choclate chip, cookie dough, pistachio, and mudslide, (From bottom to top)

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  1. You are so photogenic and so stinking cute! And I'm so jealous of your tiny little legs. BTW, you look like me in some of those pictures, and it scared me. haha. Also, the famous pose picture - I put that as my work desktop! So stinking cute of you two! AND, you're taller than Steph? Holy crap! I MISS YOU!