Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everything... Relief Society Teacher, MMA, and Me being self!

So it has been a long time since the last time I have blogged, sorry about that. But here at BYUI it is fun and a lot of things have been going one.
So here wehave MMA, it is ground fighting. And there are only 3 girls that go, Me, Ashley, and Hannah. So one week we didn't go and the guys always seem to show off for the girls by doing pull ups. So the person who teaches us is Hannah's brohter-in-law and so he went in and said to them, guys you don't need to do any push-ups so show off for the girls because they won't be here tonight. One guy said, "thats okay they aren't even that good looking anyways." So Brain (the brother-in-law) told hannah then told us. So the next week we show up looking amazing. hannah and ashley decided to be "gansta" people and reall tough and I was the pretty one.

I walked in with glasses, and my purse and filing my nails with a big long black coat. Then dropped the coat and I was wearing my blue flower shirt with my red basketball shorts and then my hair was curled, and i sprayed a lot of perfume on and bright red lipstick. It was amazing!

Reminds me of Lady Gaga, sorta.

Hannah all tough and me all pretty, you can see how bright and red the lipstick was.

So I was called as a relief Society Teacher and I teach the 4th sunday about teachings for our times.
So Hannah and I woke up around the same time, we were both come out in our pj's and then walked into our rooms, at the same time and put our dress on, we walk out and we were pretty much wearing the same dress, well same material, very similar. So then we just decided to go all out. You can't tell in the pictures, but we both are wearing boots that go up our leg (well calf) and then same necklace, and earings and everything, then we both wore jen jackets.

That saturday night, I didn't have any homework and so i wanted to make cookies for the relief Society lesson, so I made sugar cookies in the shape of compasses, spent 3 1/2 hours on them :) not including cooking time, just frosting them and decorating them. It was fun!!!

N,E,S,W. They are are compasses because the lesson was about being a disciple of Christ and having Christ in our lives, so the cookie mean "Chist is the compass of our lives". Very creative right? I thought so :)

Just a sunday where we decdied to take picutres in the garden, These are my roommates and friends. (Left to right, Hannah (Roommate), Heidi, Ashley, Me, and Aubrey (roommate)

Me just being myself.... i guess... at least that is what Aubrey says. We have fun every night and Aubrey always has her camera with her and always takes pics of me when I do crazy things. this is when i said "when in doubt strike a pose" and she took a picture of that. HAHA!


  1. Oh my gosh! Cutest cookies! Whats your cookie recipe? they look so good! Come make me some! :) Miss you!

  2. Just normal sugar cookies. They were really good! Everyone liked that, even Noah. haha he ate some before sunday. They took a long time too. I will love to make you some but i'm 4 hours away :( I miss you too!!