Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, right next to my dorm, (That building behind it is the Smith, and my car is about 100 feet behind me) in the middle of the road/circle, the BYU-I people decided to show us how fast a fire can grown in a dorm. There have been some cases where people have tried to start a fire in their dorm, don't ask me why. So they built a "mini" dorm duplicate of the dorm and they just start a tiny piece of fire and it started a really big fire. Good thing the Fire Department was there.

The "dorm" before we started the fire. So There is a lap top, pizza boxes, pants, dishes, food, couch, a chair, table, and other stuff. Everything who would have in a dorm.

The fire department puttingit out... after 5 minutes of burning. (That chair next to it, was not even in the room and it got caught on fire. It was so hot! I can only image what it would be like with the 4th wall!

I'll put a video up but it is on my phone and I don't have the card so I can put it on my computer. So i'll do that once I get home for Thanksgiving. it is so cool on how quickly it started/and how big it quickly got.

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  1. I miss you!!! Love, Jackie PS please don't ever set your dorm on fire!