Tuesday, December 15, 2009

meter shower/My blind date/birthday!

So I'm not sure how long ago, I believe it was in November and there was a meter shower, so we went outside at 2 am in the morning and lied on the grass and watched for shooting stars, there wasn't that many as compare to before, but i did see a couple

Aubrey and Me

Hannah, Heidi and Aubrey in front of the BYUI sign :)

So last friday, the December 11. I had a blind date. To try and make a long story short. My friend Glenn in Physics was talking to me and asked if I would go on a date with his roommate, I was like No, but then he asked and said please so I said, sure why not, can't really hurt.. can it? So then as you know if you Jackie's blog that it was originally going to be on saturday at 7 instead it got changed to Friday at 7 because Jackie was going to come up and surprise me! (but i didn't know that at that time, and Glenn did, and he did a good job of keeping that a secret) So comes friday, and I went on a date with Jake. We made dinner and then played some games. It was a lot of fun!

Aubrey helping me getting ready for the date. (hannah taught her well :) ) -- in the bathroom

Got everything done, just have left is my hair.

hair is done! it is the final! Date time!

My birthday was on Sunday, December 13. My sister came up and surprised me on saturday morning and we got a pedicure, went shopping, surprised party, and laser tag! so MUCH FUN!!!! (want to see saturday pictures -- go to Jackie's blog)
On saturday I walked into my apt and everyone was in the kitchen, yelled surprised, and I, no joke jumped six feet in the air, and screamed at the top of my lungs. For the next 5 minutes i seriously was shaking. it was so scary, but so much fun! I loved it!

So on Saturday for the big surprise party, my roommate Amber made a cake. And she cut the top layer off, so my roommates Hannah and Aubrey are eating it. yummy!

hannah and Aubrey! eating chocolate cake.

Heidi and Aubrey!

So sunday we had a Kuwaiti party because Hannah lived there for a year, and brought us all back Kuwaiti scarfs and all put on fake nose rings!

My favorite of them all. We are so hott!

Check it out! our nose rings!

I had the best birthday ever! Thanks to Jackie and Eric and the best roommates ever! I have the best sister in the World!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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