Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wow it has been so long since I have blogged, but here at college it is going great! I'm having so much fun! This semester is way better than last.... I don't have the crazy roommate situation again, and none of them want me dead :) So I think that is a good sign.
I have been talking a lot about my salsa and I was craving it. My roommate, Cristy is mexican and so she really likes spicy food, and two of my friends really like hot spicy food. So I just couldn't resist, I needed to make salsa! So I went to the store and got peppers, and I might have said to the two that I would bring them some... So here in Idaho the peppers were so cheap compare to redmond!!! I was shocked! But of course like always the haberano was the most expensive it was like $4 per lb. INSANE but cheaper than the 6.99 at Safeway. So I got everything that I needed.
So I spent saturday a good part of my day making salsa, of course I did my homework before I started.

I didn't want the oil's of the pepper on my hand... so i use my plastic bags :)

I need to make them really fine fine fine chopped! I wished that I had a knife sharperner because for me that knife was dull, but it worked.

No one was helping me.. I miss my dad. I started to cry.. My mascara started to run.. its not waterproof. My roommate was like, you look like you just broke up with your boyfriend or something. But its just the onions. :)

I didn't have a big steal bowl or glass bowl so I made a compromise and used my big cooking bowl that I cooked the pot roast in! It works.
I made a lot of salsa!!! These 4 glass bottles and i made 3 other glass bottles (about the same size a little smaller to the jar on the right.) Funny story about glass jars. So I didn't have any, so I went through my whole dorm complex and asked girls for them. I got about 15 of them but only used 7. So I have extras.. not sure what to do with them now because they didn't want them back.. So yay I have glass jars!
This is Kelsey. She wanted some salsa because she loves spicy food, so i brought it over, SHE LOVED IT!!! The jar that she is holding is what I gave the 3 people. (including her)
Of course I have to eat some to make sure it was just right... but something was missing... MINCED GARLIC!! I didn't have any, and it was too expensive at the store, but it was still really really really good! I love it!

It takes a lot of fridge space.. it should last about a month. A jar per week :)
So that was my saturday, and everyone seemed to really like it. They were jealous that I could make such good salsa.. if they want more.. I need to start charging ;)
(if you want to see more pictures.. there is more on my facebook, just some crazy ones while making the salsa)


  1. And NOW, you need to use those extra jars and bring ME salsa. I'm too lazy to make it. lol And who is going to put plastic bags on if you're not here!?!?!?!

  2. Dad and I need you to come home and make salsa here, I will cut the onions!