Friday, June 18, 2010

Trying to catch up

So it has been a long time since the last time I blogged… as you can see it has been since February. So I will try and do my best to get all caught up and try and explain my absence of blogging. And now that it is June everyone has said - You need to update your blog, you haven't done anything since February. Well that got me thinking - well I haven't done anything since then. Well of course I here you go.

Well at the end of January I met a guy…yes a guy. It was at the BYU-Idaho devotional with Elder Nelson.

Since everyone wants to see a picutre why not just post it up on my blog...sounds good so this is Brandon and I in front of the troll in Tremont.

So to make a really, really, really long story short I will just say that we met January 26, started to hang out and became good friends then started dating on February 25, and then he came out here to Seattle in the middle of Spring semester because I came back home after Winter semester. He is so amazing to come out and do that.

Well back to winter semester. So I took 8 classes, got 4 A’s, 2 B-‘s and 2 B’s. So I did pretty well but I’m still trying to do better like always. So graduating in Mathematical Education with a minor in Exercise Sports and Science Education (Physical Education).

Now in April. So I just got back home from school and as soon as I got home I attempted to break the world record of the largest ensemble playing the same tune all together under one roof. Did that with Jackie and David and had a blast.

Just a little less than 400 people like 398 or something like that all got together.
We of course beat the world record so I can now say that I’m a world record breaker :D I worked one day at the job I still have that I have had for about 2 years now at Kohl’s department store. Then the next 4 days I was with Jackie and Eric in Florida at Disney World! It was so much fun and I had a super fun time. Though Jackie may not know that I did because I was sorta...well, not in a good mood, but I did have a fun time and she did get my mind off of things and I was able to just to relax. Though after a trip with Jackie you of course need a vacation from your vacation.

And now in May, still working at Kohl’s and I didn’t do much, expect Brandon came to Washington but you already read about that.

The Space Needle, Brandon and I went there.

Now that it is June and I am in the summer league rifle shooting with David, Dad, and Granddad. It has been three weeks since it has started and the first week I got a 250, 2nd week 284 and guess what!?!?!? 3rd week… 351!!! Oh ya! That’s what I am talking about! I was so excited that night.

So now that is all done I am here down in Oregon with my “real” family as my mom would say for the weekend of Father’s day and am going to the beach in Rockaway. But I will of course will blog about that hopefully soon by the time I get home.

Well so sorry that it has been SO long but I hoped that I recapped everything and told all the good/sad parts about my life since February.

oh just a quick thing of course - I'm still working at Kohl's and doing all the many projects that we have at our house.

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  1. That was a quick update - and much needed! Keep blogging! :) And keep up the good shooting.