Friday, June 25, 2010

Oregon Coast

Over Father's Day weekend I went to the beach, Rockaway Beach, Oregon with the Hanks. So much fun! On Thursday we drove down to Oregon and stayed with Danielle's Mom's sister for the night. Then on Friday we went on the beach and flew kites, skipped rocks, and just had fun on the beach. Saturday was a beautiful day and spent most of it on the beach in the goregous sun! Monday we drove back to Washington and i just didn't want the vacation to end. I think I need a vacation from the vacation.

Danielle and I on the beach.

The pretty sky on the coast - Saturday

We had the really big marshmellows to make smores - they were REALLY BIG! as you can see, this is comparison to the regular marshmellows.

There were these people that built the sand turtle and a sea horse too - it was pretty cool.

the same people built a VW beetle.
I had a fun time and I wanna go back. I love the sun!


  1. I loved the marshmallow size comparison and the sand sculptures, really wonderful!