Friday, April 1, 2011


So I realized with a day where I'm not doing much and I have a few minutes I figure i can update and share with what I have been doing so far. So I was able to go to Hawaii with the family I nanny for. I know how awesome is that! So we landed in Kona, Hawaii - "The Big Island" also know as the volcano Island, on Tuesday march 29th.

Elsa and I on the Airplane.

On the beach we found a sea turtle - I named it crush - from Finding Nemo. Hehe :) And it winked at me.

We got into our condo's - yes I know condo - not a hotel, cool right? Its right next to the beach. That day we went to the beach and all around there is volcanic rock everywhere and also in the ocean. so i went down to the ocean with Elsa, and as you get further into the water the bigger the rocks were. Well i stepped on one and cut my foot open - sweet i know until i found a lava rock in my foot and blood dripping everywhere on my foot. oops.

Elsa and I on the beach!

So cute - so we left early in the morning from Seattle at 6am so Vigo was probably up around 5 or earlier and Hawaii is 3 hours behind Washington, and around 8 pm here Hawaii Vigo was eating a bowl of cereal and just fell asleep. I just love the handful of cereal in his hand.

Gedde likes feeding the birds so he placed a piece of bread and ran off like thinking to himself... i didn't do anything... ;)

Vigo looking onto the roof at the birds.

After Gedde ate 2 eggs off of his Dad's plate and some other food plus his own breakfast he went over to Grandpa to eat some of his egg, but it wasn't the same as his dad so he didn't like it.

I love the sunset!!

At the beach watching the sunset with Elsa.

Elsa found a dead crab.

On Thursday we went on a hike at the valley - its a 900 ft descent at a 25% grade but its gorgeous!!! It is only a mile down - and up - but going up feels like its 5 miles! On the way back from the hike we decided to stop at this wooden playground that was huge and Gedde, Vigo, and Caelen played on it. It was fun. Gedde and Vigo loves to play outside and feed the birds, but if the birds come down and eat the food that Vigo and Gedde put out Gedde runs and chases the birds. Haha, so cute but doesn't understand the concept of that if you want the birds to eat the food you can't chase them.

Grace and Gedde on our way to the valley for the hike.

Ocean from the top.

Gedde on the swing and me pushing him - he loves underdogs! But it hurts just a little to push him because of the sunburn on my back.

Birds eating the "nest" Vigo made for them.

A movie of Vigo and Gedde setting food for the birds - with a tunnel Vigo made.

Awesome chairs outside that Elsa and I we sit in them... they are called barrel chairs.

Today - Friday, its been a laid back day. I stayed here with Vigo and Gedde and Caelen as the adults went to another town and did some touring and shopping I think - not sure where they went, haha. But We went down to the pool and I did my 1000 yards, that felt so nice to get some exercise in. Thats it - and just so far relaxing today.


  1. Sounds like a dream job, to me! Glad you made it to Hawaii before us! But one day .. .. Did you go swimming in the ocean or just stay on the beach and play with Vigo and Gedde?