Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ohio and Valentine's Day

February 9th - February 15th I went and visited my fiance, Brandon, in Ohio. It was so much fun! We got out engagement photos done. Had Valentine's Day, and planned the wedding - well most of it there is still a lot that needs to be planned still.

One of our favorite Engagement pictures!

On Valentine's day morning he brought me breakfast in bed.

Omlet, hasbrowns, fruit, toast, hot chocolate, milk - it was all so yummy - he is so good to me!

This is pepper - he is the cutest dog ever! he can be annoying sometimes but I love to play with him!

We had a heart-shaped pizza for dinner.

And a smores pizza for dessert. We watched a movie - salt.

I love going out to Ohio to see him - just being with him is amazing. I can't wait to go back and be out there for good!! I love you Brandon and thanks for an amazing, awesome, wonderful Valentine's Day and another trip out there to remember!

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