Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 13 – Day 13, my birthday!!!

Yay!! So today is my birthday and I had such a wonderful day. To start it off with I woke up by texts, phone calls of people wishing me a happy birthday and singing to me. I got up and opened Brandon’s parents’ presents they sent me and then his. It was so thoughtful of them. Patrick made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign going across the ceiling sort of thing for me. How thoughtful – thanks Patrick! The missionaries came over that day and we played games because it was their p-day.

Afterwards since it flooded in the valley we had to go the LONG way to the Springgay house for dinner which is about an extra 15-20 minutes drive. For the dinner we had Cornmeal pancakes, bacon, sausage, scramble eggs, and cinnamon rolls. It was all so yummy! So the Hanks, Grandma, Granddad, David and Kerstin plus family, and mom and dad were there what a wonderful turnout but I do have to say I did miss Brandon not being able to be there.

Of course we need pictures:

The Sign that Patrick made for me. Thanks!

Mom & Dad Wilcox

Sweetheart - Brandon

This is the picture that was taken from Jackie a her house - I don't have one from yesterday sorry. But as you can see I should have known my present before I even opened it.

Thanks to Jackie – I go this apron and a funny story about is that I helped Jackie make this, and I made all the decisions on it and I had NO CLUE on that it was for me. I always use a apron to cook, I love them, and they are so amazing so she made me one. Thanks Jackie!!

Thanks everyone to make my birthday a wonderful day!
I'm 2 decades old now.... SO OLD!!!

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