Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday time - Day 1 and Day 2 - One and Only, 2 bunchs of Kisses & Hugs

So my wonderful, amazing fiance, decided to do 13 days for my birthday - since my birthdy is on December 13 and my favorite number is 13. :D

All the gifts are wrapped and ready to shipped....I'M SO EXCITED!! (this is at his house in Ohio)


So the week before the ring came - so here is the engagment ring! (This is day 1 - December 1st, but I got to open it early so it could last very long - I'm his ONE and only)

I love it! And I love Brandon!

Day 2 (December 2nd)

Hugs & Kisses :D I got so many from him. 2 bags of them, 2 hugs and kisses, 2 bunches of Hugs & Kisses :) Two always comes in pairs, and hugs & kisses always come together.
I'm so excited for all the other days! He is so good to me and I just can't wait to be with him FOREVER! Love you!

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