Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Time - Day 10

Each day he will give me a clue and sometimes I'm really good at guessing and figuring it out but today not so much.... here are the clues:
  1. 10 doesn't refer to a quanity
  2. Green & Gold
  3. Riaders
  4. Texas
  5. 4-2=10
  6. 30-12=10

Now if you know me 5 and 6 me being a math major and all can't comprehend those.

Haven't figure it out yet?

Now trying to figure how those clues relate to that? Well let me share with you.

  1. that's plain obvious, 3 does not equal 10 so 10 doesn't refer to quanity.
  2. Green & Gold are the colors of Wright State University - which where the concert was at.
  3. Raiders - thats the mascot of Wright State University.
  4. Texas - Texas Roadhouse, the Nutter I think was the place that we saw it at was right across the street of Texas Roadhouse.
  5. 4-2=10. Well 4 refers to the my fourth finger which refers to engagement, and he proposed on the 12th so 12-2 =10.
  6. 30-12=10. Well today is 12/10 so that is where the 12 is from, and 30 is a month - so if you subject a whole month then you are back to 11/10 which was the day of the concert.

Wow he really thinks about it and I can say I was confused and didn't figure it at all!

Thanks hon - I love it!

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