Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food contest.....

So yesterday night, around 9:30 pm, we, (Me, Aubrey, and Hannah) were sitting out in the living room and Hannah made a pot of salad, about 6 cups of lettecue, started to eat salad out of a pot!!!! Like a pot that you use on the stove. So she said, "I'm have a food contest" "oh really, hannah, with who?" "Myself!". HAHA

This is what happens when you stay up so late and the next night you go crazy! (Or if you just really like salad, or there is no room in the fridge)

Eating her POT of salad.


She did eat it all, about a half an hour later! It was yummy, she licked the spoon clean. Oh and she did eat with that white spoon, it was a spatula :) it was just entertaing to watch!

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