Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Washington Trip

So last weekend I went to Washington with Jackie for Stepahnie's farewell talk. And when I got there my dad have me doing many projects. we replaced both struts and both shocks on the van. While I was working on the car Andrew came out and picked up the socket wrench and started to help me work on the car. It was so adorable.

Andrew fixing the car... smile...

Keep up the Good work, Andrew toook the tire off and is doing a great job! I don't even need to do anything, he is doing it all.


  1. How do you post so much stuff? haha Sorry I never got those pictures to you! I feel like an idiot. Thanks for the math help yesterday! You rock! Love, me

  2. what do you mean, How do you post so much stuff? I just get tired of doing homework so I do stuff on the computer and updated it because someone...Danielle... complains that I don't update it enough. Anytime for anything, it was fun. LOVE YOU!